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Motorola CB Pro is a cancelled (discontinued) UHF CB two-way radio. The replacement is Motorola CB Pro Plus.

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Motorola CB Pro is a cancelled (discontinued) UHF CB two-way radio. The replacement is Motorola CB Pro Plus.

Looking for a CB radio with the assurance of the Motorola quality seal then look no further, the Motorola CB PRO™ is the answer!

The Motorola CB PRO is an easy-to-use radio which operates on the Citizen Band and is ideal for any small operation wanting a simple, affordable CB radio built to the commercial quality that you have come to expect from Motorola.

With 40 channels the CB PRO allows users to communicate instantly to one-to-one or one-to-many with just a push of a button improving operational efficiency. And the adjustable squelch level setting enables clear audio quality that is ideal for single site operations from hospitality, security to the rugged industrial environments of construction and mining.

Getting started is a breeze, there are no licensing, contracts or fees – simply purchase your CB PRO from your nearest Motorola dealer or retailer and the radio is ready for use. The Motorola CB PRO, a quick start communication tool that is easy on the pocket and also comes with a wide range of accessories giving you operational efficiency with Motorola renowned reliability.

Motorola brings you a commercial quality CB radio which is tested to MIL810 (C, D and E) Military Specifications including temperature extremes, solar radiation, rain, humidity, salt fog, dust, vibration and shock. These tests were conducted subject to specific military procedures. Motorola CB PRO – A perfect balance of performance and ruggedness.

Motorola CB Plus Features

    Designed to be held comfortably, the channel knob is replaced by an easy to use navigation button that allows you to quickly scroll through the user channels
    The large alphanumeric display allows easy readability of text and number displays such as channel alias and frequency number. Icons such as the battery and signal strength indicators also enable users to determine the radio’s operating performance instantly.
    Motorola CB PRO allows users the flexibility to set their frequently used channel as their prime channel. They can now access to other channels and return to their prime channel instantly at the push of the function button.
    Depending on your operation preferences, you have the flexibility to program the squelch level setting to eliminate unwanted signals and noise to improve audio clarity.
    Allows users to monitor activities on different communication channels so that messages will not be missed.
    This feature allows users to temporarily remove unwanted calls in the scan list, enhancing the radio operational efficiency.
    Allows users the flexibility to lock and unlock the keypad to avoid accidentally disturbing of the radio setting.
    There is a wide range of accessories available with the Motorola Walka Talka to suit your needs.
    Adding genuine Motorola headsets, microphones, battery, charger or carrying cases can enhance
    your operational productivity. Motorola’s accessories are built to high quality standards and are specially engineered to ensure maximum performance of your radio, no matter what business you are in.

In addition the CB PRO also comes with:

  • 40 CB Channels including 8 Repeater Channels
  • Seven Pre-programmed Functions
  • Priority Scan
  • Tight/Normal Squelch
  • Battery Gauge
  • Time-Out Timer

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