Universal Motorola Analog Radio USB Programming Cable

$163.90 incl. GST ($149.00 excl. GST)

Software not included and available separately:
$55.00 incl. GST ($50.00 excl. GST)


This innovative cable allows you to program almost all analogue Motorola two way radios including almost all mobile vehicular radios such as the GM328 and almost all analogue portable radios such as the GP3188 commercial series and GP328 commercial series.

USB Version: This is the USB version of the cable that’s replaced the serial cable that’s no longer available.

We have started a Facebook group to hopefully support owners of the now discontinued Motorola GP328 series radios: https://www.facebook.com/groups/304084137284525/

Proven To Work Chipset

This cable uses the FTDI chipset which has been proven to work with Motorola analogue radios. Other chipsets including Prolific and CP200 etc. can be problematic. The FTDI chipset does not typically suffer from the issues associated with other chipsets. This means much less likely to “brick” your radio.

Drivers: You can download the driver for this cable here.

5 Cables In 1

Our universal analogue Motorola two-way radio programming cable is actually 5 cables in 1.

Note: This cable does not include any software. The software will have to be obtained separately.

ConnectorModelSoftware Required
M1 (RayTalk Definition)

2.5mm Jack Connector

Commercial Series Programming Software
M2 (RayTalk Definition)

Larger Multipin Connector

Professional Series Programming Software
M3 (RayTalk Definition)

Smaller Multipin Connector

GP328 Plus
GP338 Plus
Professional Programming Software
RJ45 ConnectorGM3188
Commercial Series Programming Software
RJ45 ConnectorGM328
Professional Series Programming Software



Additional information

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Accessory Connector

Motorola 2-Pin (M1), Motorola Multipin GP328 (M4), Motorola Multipin GP328-Plus (M5)