Motorola DEP450 Digital Two Way Radio

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Motorola DEP 450 is a simple and affordable portable digital two-way radio that is available with or without single charger.

Note (01/01/02024): The legendary DEP450 has now been replaced by the all-new Motorola R2 (UHF2 model).

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Motorola DEP450 is a simple and affordable portable digital two-way radio that is available with or without single charger. Coined as the replacement for the Motorola GP328 (the world’s most popular two-way radio) for all basic radio users, the DEP450 delivers clarity and reliability coupled with the additional benefit of digital technology.

Note (01/01/02024): The legendary DEP450 has now been replaced by the all-new Motorola R2 (UHF2 model).

Motorola DEP450 Includes

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Note: The Motorola DEP450 charger Is optional when ordering. But be sure to order a charger at the time of ordering if you need one. This is because the charger is much cheaper to buy at the same time as the charger.

Motorola DEP450 Charging Options

There are two charging options for the Motorola DEP450. Be sure to read about chargers before making your purchase.

Single chargers are ideal for when the user needs all the radios almost permanently in different places; for example school classrooms. The user would place the charger in a store room for example and charge the radio every evening for use the next day. The single charger for a DEP450 is part code PMLN5190.

By a long stretch the very best solution for users with radio fleets above 4 radios is to use the 6-way charger. This enables good two-way radio charging practice where radios can be stored in a specific location and booked out and back in to keep track of them). The 6-way charger for a DEP450 is part code PMLN6589.

Note – on price: It’s important to note that if you do need chargers, it’s much cheaper to buy a charger with the Motorola DEP450 as it’s more expensive to buy chargers at a later date.

Earpiece, Headset, Microphone Options

The Motorola DEP450 is able to be used with an earpiece, headset or remote speaker microphone. The DEP450 has the M1 2-pin accessory connector meaning that all audio accessories are very cost-effective. Radiotronics offers both genuine Motorola and aftermarket audio accessories.

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  • Analogue & Digital: Get all the benefits of digital, including better voice quality, better range and better battery life. However, the Motorola DEP450 can also operate in analogue mode meaning you can retain compatibility with your existing radio fleet.
  • Transmit Interrupt Capability (decode only): Enables a supervisor to interrupt a DEP 450 user to deliver critical communication exactly when and where it’s needed.
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode: The incredible power of 2-slot TDMA DMR, the DEP450 allows you to double your capacity. You can now have 2 DMR channels per every 12.5 kHz frequency/channel – and you don’t need a repeater to achieve this.
  • IP54 Rated: Dust-resistant and water-resistant, so you can work with confidence in partially dusty or wet environments.

Motorola DEP450

Motorola DEP450 Programming

The Motorola DEP450 is supplied from Motorola Solutions un-programmed as standard. It’s kind of like a computer without an operating system. It just wouldn’t work. But don’t worry… we can program the DEP450 as follows:

  • To match your ACMA licence as a new fleet: If you already have an ACMA licence recently and don’t have any radios, we can program your new fleet to the frequency the ACMA has assigned you. If not, we can arrange an ACMA licence for you.
  • To match your existing radios: Assuming you have an ACMA licence for your existing radios, we can program your new DEP450 to match your existing radios.
  • Completely Customized Programming: This option covers everything else. Why not email us us to discuss your programming requirements.

UHF CB Not Available On This Radio: The Motorola DEP450 cannot be programmed to UHF CB channels as it’s not type approved. If you would like a UHF-CB compatible MOTOTRBO two-way radio, see Motorola DP4601eMotorola DP4800e or Motorola DP4801e (you must choose the UHF model of these radios).

FREE: Whichever you choose, programming is always FREE from Radiotronics.

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4 reviews for Motorola DEP450 Digital Two Way Radio

  1. Paul

    What can I say about this radio? We have had our radios for a few months and they’re great! We have some expensive 3M Peltor headsets that plug into our old analogue radios. We had one condition. Whatever radio Radiotronics recommneded had to work with our existing headsets. Radiotronics recommended the Motorola DEP450 and it’s exactly as they described it. I would recommend Radiotronics to anyone.

  2. Rasheed

    We have a number of Motorola GP3188 radios and were looking to add to our fleet. When we approached Radiotronics they recommended the DEP450 as it shares the same batteries, chargers and earpeice socket. That means we can use all of our old accessories. Our company is very pleased with the Motorola DEP450 and highly recommend Radiotronics.

  3. Stephen

    We need to upgrade to our old analogue two-way radios and the DEP450 was recommended for it’s excellent audio quality. What an improvement on our old analogue radios.

  4. Chaz

    We have been using motorola radios for years and have the GP328. Radiotronics advised us it was cancelled and the DEP450 has replaced it. It looks a little different but seems to work just as well. Only grumble is that the DEP450 doesn’t take any of the GP328 earpieces. But they work together fine.

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