Motorola Wave PTX

Unlimited Range Two Way Radio System

Motorola Wave PTX

Unlimited Range Two Way Radio

Motorola Wave PTX, is a push to talk over cellular solution, giving you complete flexibility combining traditional two way radio functionality with innovative 21st-century GPS and tracking functionality. Whether your team members are in the same building or in another country, your team can stay in contact, have instant communications and their location can be tracked real-time.

Devices: We have a selection of two way radio and device options available from a basic lightweight portable radio to a fully integrated vehicle radio and even a base station radio. That means we have the right radio for any requirement.

Nationwide Two Way Radio

It works everywhere there is a mobile phone signal in Australia or where there is WiFi.

2 Months Free

Motorola Solutions is working with Radiotronics to offer the first 2 months Motorola Wave PTX subscription completely free of charge with qualifying devices*.

* Motorola TLK100, TLK150 devices and or app subscription is included in the 2-month free.

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Motorola Wave PTX Device Options

Motorola’s Wave PTX boasts multiple device options: vehicle radio, portable radio and an all-in-one smart phone app and a dispatch console that can be accessed using any browser.

Motorola Wave PTX

EXCLUSIVE: Wave PTX Base Radio

Motorola Wave PTX Base Radio

Based on feedback from our fleet clients, we have built this base station two-way radio, designed specifically for dispatch controllers who do not want to use a computerised system.

  • Mains or 12v Powered
  • Works Anywhere
  • Choice of Handheld or Base Microphone
  • Group Call or Private Call
  • Transmit Interrupt

This innovative base station Wave PTX radio is exclusive to Radiotronics and is designed for controllers of large fleets of logistics vehicles and taxi-cabs, for example.

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular & WiFi Is Ideal For All Sectors

Push-to-Talk Over Cellular & WIFI can use used in any sector. Here are four examples where we have had great success.

Motorola Wave PTX Dispatch Console

Motorola Wave PTX Dispatch Console

Dispatch Anywhere

WAVE PTX Dispatch is managed on-line using your browser, freeing you from maintenance and manual software updates. Securely sign into WAVE PTX Dispatch from anywhere with an internet connection and a standard web browser.

Talk From The Dispatch Console

Keep in touch with your teams and field personnel wherever they are with WAVE PTX push-to-talk. Monitor communication traffic and instantly connect with groups and individuals at the touch of a button.

Wave PTX connects to your existing two-way radio system.

Motorola Wave PTX Connect Multiple Systems

System Features

The features you’d expect from any enterprise-level radio and vehicle tracking system…

Motorola Wave PTX

Yes! You really can use your two way radios anywhere…

  • Truly, Use Your Radio Anywhere
  • 3GPP MCPTT & OMA PoC Compliant
  • Connect Using Mobile Phone Signal or WiFi
  • Fully Manageable Dispatch Console*
  • Browser/Cloud Based – Use Anywhere*
  • Instant Connect – No Dialing or Ringing Delay
  • Shared Cross-Device Contact List
  • Private & Group Conversations
  • Priority Interrupt & All Call
  • Active Status Shows When Users Are Online*
  • GPS (Google Maps) Portable Radio Location Tracking*
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking (Mobile Radio)*
  • Lone Worker^ Call Logs
  • Message Logs*
  • Bluetooth Headset Options

* these features require the dispatch console; ^ these features require additional safeguard subscription

Real-time Vehicle GPS & Personnel Tracking

Wherever your vehicles or personnel are, you can track their whereabouts real-time. You can even see historical records about where they’ve been. This is especially useful if needed for evidence purposes.

Motorola Wave PTX Dispatch Console & GPS Tracking

Note: This feature requires the dispatch console.

Cost? How Much Is This?


Buy Outright?

You can buy WAVE PTX by choosing a device and then signing up for a monthly or annual subscription.

Email [email protected] or call us on (03) 9021 2424 now!

Hire or Rent?

Subject to status, we do have rental packages. To discuss this, e-mail [email protected] or call us on (03) 9021 2424 now!

Contact Our WAVE PTX Specialist

If you’re just unsure what you will need, let us do the hard work for you.

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Hakata Daimaru Case Study

Boosting Emergency Disaster Responses with WAVE PTX
Push-to-Talk Service and TLK 100 Portable Radio


Hakata Daimaru, many years ago, adopted a basic analogue radio solution. But the audio quality was poor and made the situation even more stressful to manage.

After searching for a suitable solution for many years, they finally found Motorola Solutions WAVE PTX and the Motorola TLK 100 at a local exhibition in the summer of 2019.

The store thoroughly tested the radio for 10 days and decided to introduce it on a full-scale operation in September 2019.

Koji Kuwaba, Head of Security, explained: “As the principal base, Hakata Daimaru is required to implement disaster control capabilities across the entire footprint of its operations. The extensive coverage provided by the cellular network and TLK100 ensures a disaster control measure that it can count on.”