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Radiotronics, in partnership with Icom, offers a unique system whereby you can utilise your already installed WiFi network for two way radio use. Our RoIP (radio-over-IP) is the ideal solution for office blocks, hotels etc. where there is a good WiFi system already fitted. This alleviates the need for installing infrastructure and makes for a much better value system.

WiFi Two Way Radios

Our WiFi Two Way Radio or Radio over IP is an easy to install or retro-fit solution designed for buildings that have a good W-LAN (WiFi) network. This wLAN-based two way radio system offers scalable licence-exempt two way radios without any major investment in infrastructure.

At the heart of the system is the IP1000C which can allow up to 100 WiFi radios. And don’t worry about bandwidth, the IP100H so little data, as long as you have a 10/100MBps network or above, your network will barely feel the traffic. Your I.T. engineer could install this system in less than a day.

Video: See the introductory video from the manufacturer where they explain how the system works.

Advanced Two Way Radio System

Our innovative WiFi two-way radio system uses your existing WiFi access point(s). Provided your premises has reasonable WiFi coverage, you can seamlessly integrate our WiFi two-way radio system. As stated above, most RoIP systems are integrated by I.T. technicians and take no more than a day to fully integrate. The system uses secure encrypted communication.

This WiFi two-way radio system also provides full hands-free duplex communication. That means not only can the system be used like a traditional Push-to-Talk two-way radio or like a telephone when needed (full-duplex-compatible earpiece required).

Other key features include seamless roaming for users, whereby if two or more wireless action points are deployed over an IP network, the IP100H handset/radio uses the nearest access point and can roam between the available access points.

IP100FS Dispatch & Tracking Software

IP100FS Dispatch & Tracking Software

Icom IP100FS is Icom’s dispatcher and tracking software specifically designed for the WiFi two-way radio system.

  • Can Track All Radios
  • Tracking Across Multiple Sites via VPN
  • Upload Plans for Internal Building Tracking
  • Call Recording
  • Records & Retrieve Historic Records
  • Allows Use as a Radio (Talk via the PC)
  • Ideal for Multi-story Buildings With Basements

Multi-Floor Solution

Multi-Floor Solution

One of the biggest challenges for two way radios is buildings with multiple-floors and especially basements.

We recently installed the WiFi two way radio system in a hospital where there is 2m of concrete between the ground floor and basement. The hospital has WiFi throughout including the car parks and basement. Our IP radio system way perfect for purpose and replaced their failing outdated radio system which did not work in the basement.

Provided there’s an access-point in range, you’ll always have connectivity.

Multiple Call Types

One of the biggest challenges for two way radios is buildings with multiple-floors and especially basements. The IP WiFi two way radio system is capable of individual conversations, group conversations or emergency all call.

Multiple Call Types

Private One-to-One Conversations

Imagine you have a team member in the laundry room and you need to ask them to find something. The security team do not need to hear that conversation. So why bother them with it? With the WiFi two way radio system you don’t need to. A private call can be made to that specific team member without bothering anyone else.

Group Conversations

This works exactly like a traditional two way radio channel. As long as everyone is on the right group (or channel) they will hear all conversations.

Emergency All Call & Priority Interrupt

Emergency all call will allow a supervisor to make a call to all users regardless of what channels they’re on. Furthermore, is required, priority interrupt will cut off anyone else currently speaking to allow your more important message to be delivered to all users.

Icom IP100H In Charger

Multiple Accessory Options

There are many accessories available including multi-way chargers, earpeices etc.

Contact us for more information on accessory options for your Icom Wifi Two Way Radio System.

Cost? How Much Is This?


You Can Buy Outright…

If you would like to buy a system outright, you can see the “how to buy” below. If you would like to rent this system, that’s alsop available.

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Or Hire / Rent?

Subject to status, we do have rental packages. To discuss this, e-mail [email protected] or call us on (03) 9021 2424 now!

How To Buy Outright

It’s really easy! You need to buy ONE Icom IP1000C for every 100 radios.
Then just buy as many Icom IP100H radios you need.

But What About Setup?

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! We’ll configure the system in advance of delivery. All we need is your network’s IP range (e.g. your router’s IP addreress and your Wifi name and passcode. That’s it! The system will arrive ready to use.

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