Two Way Radio Licensing

Did you know? When a dealer first tells a client they will need a licence they are surprised… But it’s really not all that complicated. In fact, Radiotronics takes care of the administration, paperwork and takes away the headache.


I Need A Licence? What!!

Don’t panic. We’ve got your back. You might not even need a licence.

Radiotronics is an expert in two-way radio licensing. We can guide you through whether you need a licence. And if you do, we will take the pain out of the process of appying for and obtaining a licence for your two-way radios.

Q & A

Q. I want a basic two way radio. Do I need a licence?
A. That depends. If you have a UHF CB radio, or a radio that can be converted into a UHF CB radio, then maybe not. Contact us using the details below.

Q. I have just bought some radios on eBay. Do I need a licence?
A. This is impossible to answer in a Q&A. Contact us using the details below.

Q. I’ve been told by my employer to find a company who can find out if we need a licence. Can you help?
A. Yes. Contact us using the details below.

Contact Our Two Way Radio Licensing Expert

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