Two Way Radios For Security

Two Way Radios are used extensively in the world of security. Keeping team members in contact is absolutely essential and two way radios (or walkie talkies) make absolutely sure team members are kept in contact to ensure their safety.

Two Way Radios for Security

The industry which almost definitely uses the most two way radios is the security sector. Radiotronics provides two way radios for all of the security sub-sectors.

  • Door Supervisors
  • Manned Guarding
  • Close Protection
  • Private Surveillance
  • Control Room

Earpieces are absolutely essential in security. See our security earpieces below for a selection of covert and over-ear earpieces.

Did you know? Two way radios are recognised as the preferred method of instant communication by almost all leading security companies.

Two Way Radios For Bouncers

Bouncers (or door supervisors) are required in almost all late night venues across Australia to help with safety aspects such as venue capacity and crowd control. Communication between workers is a necessity in such situations, allowing different members of the security team to be alerted.

The size of the venue has an impact on the number of bouncers required. Whether it be a single room venue or a venue that spans over multiple floors or rooms, two-way radios ensure instant communications between team members.

Two-way radios allow the members of the security team to remain in contact with the management at all times, alerting when the venue is reaching capacity or highlighting and preventing incidents.

Close Protection Two Way Radios

Two-way radios for Close Protection protection usually means that you are guarding something 0fairly important, close by or watching at a distance, meaning sources may need an extended range in their communications.

For short range where teams are typically within a few hundred meters of eachother we recommend the Motorola SL2600 as it’s a simline and very discreet two-way radio.

If extended range is required, the Motorola Wave PTX TLK100 gives nationwide Australia coverage and shares all of the SL2600 accessories including the chargers and earpieces. Some companies have a mixture of the two and select whichever is most suitable for the job.