Icom Two Way Radios

Icom is a market leader in two-way radios and offer quality two-way radios at an affordable price point.

Icom Two Way Radios
Icom IC-41Pro UHF CB

Icom IC-41PRO

The Waterproof Handheld UHF CB

The Icom IC-41PRO is an impressive 80 Channel UHF CB that’s waterproof and (IP67).

Supplied with a lithium battery that allows up to 18-hours of operating time. IC-41Pro has built-in voice announcement to let you know what channel you’re on as well as voice-acivation.

Pre-programmed to Australia’s licence-exempt UHF CB channels, the IC-41PRO can be used right our of the box.

Finally, the IC-41Pro can be customised using the FREE programming software and a OPC-471UC programming cable (sold separately).

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Icom IC-F2000 Series

Icom IC-F1000/IC-F2000 Series

The Icom IC-F1000/IC-F2000 series two way radios are the natural choice for users who need a feature rich two way radio at an affordable price point.

Icom IC-F1000/IC-F2000 Features

  • IP67 Waterproof and Dust-tight Protection
  • 14 Hours of Operating Time
  • Built-in Man Down & Lone Worker
  • Voice Scrambler for Privacy
  • Surveillance function
  • Waterproof Speaker Microphone (Sold Separately)
  • Loud & Clear Audio (Even in Noisy Environments)

Icom IC-F3400D/F4400D Series

A flexible communication solution, suitable for any organisation’s needs!

Icom IC-F3400D & Icom IC-F4400D
Icom IC-F3400D & Icom IC-F4400D

Icom IC-F3400D/IC-F4400D Series

The IC-F3400/F4400D is the evolution in Icom’s two way digital business handportable range. This new radio series incorporates cutting edge design, superb performance and a comprehensive range of features including built-in GPS and Bluetooth, ‘Active Noise Cancelling’ technology, digital voice playback and an USB port for easy programming and data transfer.

The IC-F3400/IC-F4400D two way radio series is available in VHF and UHF in three different formats to suit different customer requirements.

  • No Display & No Keypad: IC-F3400D (VHF) / IC-F4400D (UHF)
  • Display & Simple Keypad: IC-F3400DS (VHF) /IC-F4400DS (UHF)
  • Display & Full eypad: IC-F3400DT (VHF) /IC-F4400DT (UHF)

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