Icom IC-41PRO UHF CB Two-Way Radio

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Icom IC-41PRO is a high quality UHF CB radio that’s totally waterproof. 80-channels means you’ll never run out of capacity and 4w output power means maximum range.

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Supplied Accessories: BP280 Battery, BC213 Battery Charger, BC123SV AC Adaptor, MB133 Belt-Clip & FASC72U Antenna included

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Icom BC-214
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Icom IC-41PRO is a high quality UHF CB radio that’s totally waterproof. 80-channels means you’ll never run out of capacity and 4w output power means maximum range.


Note: All the accessories included with this radio are genuine Icom accessories.

  • Icom BP-280 Battery
  • Icom BC-213 Battery Charger + BC123SV AC Adaptor
  • Icom MB-133 Belt-Clip
  • Icom FA-SC72U Antenna included

Icom IC-41PRO Features

  • 80 UHF CB Channels: The Icom IC-41PRO has 80 UHF CB channels that are totally licence-exempt (61-63 not present, reserved for future use). That means you will never run out of channels. And should you collide with anothe radio user, you can simply switch channel.
  • Private Channel Capable: If you have an ACMA licensensed frequency (and provide the licence), we can program your private channel into the Icom IC-41PRO, and even activate the scrambler on private channels**.
  • IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof: Whether it’s water, dust or salt, you can rest assured that the Icom IC-41Pro is inres-resistant to IP67, with the side cover attached, and IP54 with an approved accessoty attached.
  • 5-Year Warranty (Radio): Icom is so confident in this radio that they offer an unrivalled 5-year warranty on the radio itself (1 year warranty on accessories). That means that
  • Long Battery Life: The Icom IC-41PRO has a typical run time of 18hr when using the supplied BP-280 lithium battery. That means that the IC-41PRO will never let you down and will run for and entire working shift or event with no problems!
  • Rotary Channel Selector: Instead of having channel up and down buttons, IC-41PRO has a rotary channel selector. That means that the channel can be rapidly changed between any of the 16 channels in each zone.
  • Voice Announcement: When wearing the radio on the belt, and in dark spaces, it can be difficult to know which channel you are on. Not with the Icom IC-41PRO. This radio will play a voice announcement when you change channel, letting you know what channel you’ve swicthed to.
  • Hands-Free Voice Activation: Voice activation (also known as VOX) gives the user the capability to activate the PTT button electroncially with just their voice, using a VOX-compatible optional headset or earpiece.
  • 5W Transmit Power: 5W TX output power means the signal goes further than 4W radios. That coupled with the high-gain antenna (included), means you will get the maximum coverage possible from this two-way radio.

** Scrambler can only be used on private ACMA-licensed frequencies/channels, dealer programmed only.

Icom IC-41PRO Video

Icom IC-41PRO Programming

There are 3 programming options for the Icom IC-41PRO:

  1. Standard UHF CB Channels: This is the most popular option with Radiotronics clients. The advantage here is the radio comes programmed like this from the factory and no modification is required. And the programming will be identical to all other factory programmed UHF CB radios, meaning interoperability with other make and model UHF CB two way radios. Unless you have a compelling reason not to, we recommend you take this option.
  2. Programmed to Your ACMA-Licence: This radio is capable of being programmed (by dealers only) to ACMA-licensed channels. Simply send us a copy of your ACMA licence, and that might be all we need. If we need anyting else, we’ll let you know.
  3. Program Yourself (ACMA Licence Holders & Licensed Radio HAMs Only)**: If you are a ACMA busiess two-way radio licence holder or licensed radio HAM, we will provide you with the dealer programming software to make any changes you wish inline with the terms of your ACMA licence type.

**Note – we must be clear: Dealer proramming software is only available to dealers, licensed HAM operators and business radio ACMA-licence holders.

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