Motorola CLP Accessories

Motorola CLP Accessories

There are a large selection of Motorola CLP accessories available for both the Motorola CLP107 and the Motorola CLP117. The CLP107 is the standard version of the CLP with the CLP117 being the Bluetooth version.

The Motorola CLP107 accessories usually supplied as standard are either HKLN4602 swivel earpiece or HKLN4603 acoustic tube earpiece. The Motorola CLP117 is not supplied with an earpiece by default, but you can buy the PMLN6463 Bluetooth module with earpiece.

Both the Motorola CLP107 and CLP117 are supplied with the HKNN4014 battery & PMPN4018 single charger including power supply (unless you buy a Motorola CLP 6-way charger) as standard.

With the CLP range being designed for ease of use, the Motorola CLP accessories allow for your radio to be used discreetly with maximum efficiency.

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