Entel DX485U-CB UHF CB DMR Digital Two Way Radio

$423.50 incl. GST ($385.00 excl. GST)

Entel DX485U-CB is a super high-quality waterproof two-way radio. Supplied with antenna, belt clip, battery and charger.

Download: Entel DX485U-CB Brochure

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Entel DX485U-CB is a tough and durable compact high-quality waterproof two-way radio that supports both licence-exempt UHF CB channels as well as a number of DMR digital or analogue ACMA licenced private frequencies (ACMA licence required).

Download: Entel DX485U-CB Brochure


  • Entel CAT480 Antenna
  • Entel CNB450E 2000mAh Battery
  • Entel CBH420 Belt Clip (For CNB420E)
  • Entel CSAHX Single Unit Charger & ANZ Power Supply

For additional accessories, see: Entel DX485-CB Accessories

Entel DX485U-CB In Detail

Entel DX485U-CB is the world’s first and only dual-mode analogue UHF CB and digital DMR two-way radio. Supplied licensed and type approved for use on UHF CB channels and pre-programmed with the normal 80 UHF CB channels. The most notable thing about the DX485U-CB is that it has an additional 163 programmable channels on frequencies between 450MHz and 520MHz in either analogue or DMR digital mode.

This radio is tough; really tough. Entel DX485U-CB is rugged and exceeds MIL-STD 810 C/D/E/F/G for drop, impact, vibration and shock. Not only that, DX485U-CB conforms to IP68 allowing it to be fully submersible up to 2 metres for up to 4 hours. One thing is for sure, the DX485U-CB will stand the test of time.

A high contrast white on black OLED display, navigation button, menus and an extensive contact
list allows a larger number of individual radio users and groups and even multiple groups at once.

Entel’s DX485U-CB-ANZ radio delivers the best-in-class performance, range and clarity.

Entel’s DX485U-CB Key Features

  • 80 UHF CB Channels + 163 Programmable Digital DMR UHF Channels
  • Lithium Battery Supplied As Standard
  • Compact & Lightweight
  • Rugged, Built to MIL-STD
  • Waterproof, IP68, Submersible
  • Up to 14 Hours Use (With CNB420E)
  • 2 Watts of Audio, Loudest Radio
  • Intelligent Audio Technology
  • Extensive Range of Audio Accessories
  • DMR Contact List
  • Bluetooth V4.0, Class 2 (Optional Extra, Please Email Us)
  • Enhanced Privacy (DMR Only)
  • End-user Programming Software / App
  • Outstanding Signal Range
  • High Contrast White-on-Black OLED Display
  • Two-slot Simplex Operation (DMR Only) (aka Direct Mode)

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