Motorola GP328, DP3441e & DP3661e IMPRES Single Charger & PSU Bundle

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Motorola PMLN5199 (also known as Motorola PMLN5199A and Motorola PMLN5199B) is a single charger & Australia-psu bundle for DP3441e, DP3661e, GP328, GP328 Plus, GP338 & GP338 Plus.


Motorola PMLN5199 (also known as PMLN5199A and PMLN5199B) is a single charger & Australia/New Zealand PSU bundle. This version is IMPRES compatible and replaces all previous versions.

Motorola PMLN5199 Included

Note: The WPLN4199 pod is available as a separate item. You can purchasing it separately by contacting us.

Motorola PMLN5199 Features

Motorola PMLN5199 is a fully automated IMPRES (read more about IMPRES here) battery care system that is equipped with these features:

  • Adaptive charging to accommodate a wide variety of battery types, including IMPRES 2, IMPRES, and other genuine Motorola Solutions batteries.
  • Communications Interface built-in for charger reprogramming, IMPRES battery data upload to an IMPRES Battery Fleet Management System (Sold Separately) and iTM communication; through a USB hub.
  • Keypad menu allows charger setup and basic battery analysis.
  • Information Display – shows battery status.
  • Energy Efficiency Features – the charger pockets will automatically sleep, then wake to respond to user activities, or to service a battery in the pocket.
  • Preparation of a battery for long-term storage.
  • Preparation of a Lithium-ion battery for shipment. There are additional advantages when charging an IMPRES 2 Lithium-ion battery with an IMPRES 2 Adaptive Charger: • Faster charging than IMPRES and Non IMPRES chargers.
  • Extended life cycle.

Switch off when charging: It is important to note that you should never switch the radio on while in the charger. Doing so risks damaging the battery, radio, or both.

Motorola PMLN5199 Replaces Core Charger Series

The old style “core” charger is no longer available and has been replaced by Motorola PMLN5199. Previous versions of this charger and models which this charger replaces or is an alternative to are as follows:

Motorola PMLN5199 Is An Alternative To

  • PMLN5197 (Core, USA)
  • PMLN5198 (IMPRES, USA)

Motorola PMLN5199 Directly Replaces

  • WPLN4185 (IMPRES, ANZ)
  • WPLN4182 (IMPRES, USA)

Compatible Radios

Motorola PMLN5199 is compatible with the following two-way radios.

  • DP3441 & DP3441e
  • DP3661e
  • GP328
  • GP338
  • GP328 Plus
  • GP338 Plus

Compatible Batteries

For GP328 / GP338:

  • HNN9008 (US/AU/NZ) / PMNN4151 (EMEA) 1300mAh NiMH
  • HNN9013 (US/AU/NZ) / PMNN4158 (EMEA) 1500mAh Li-Ion
  • HNN9009 (US/AU/NZ) NiMH
  • HNN4001 (US/AU/NZ) IMPRES 1900mAh / NiMH
  • HNN4002 (US/AU/NZ) IMPRES 1800mAh / NiMH / FM
  • PMNN4154 (EMEA) 2200mAh NiMH
  • PMNN4157 (EMEA) 2000mAh NiMH / FM
  • HNN4003 (US/AU/NZ) / PMNN4159 (EMEA) IMPRES 2500mAh Li-Ion
  • PMNN4045 MagOne 1300mAh NiMH
  • PMNN4457 MagOne 2050mAh Li-Ion
  • PMNN4455 2900mAh Li-Ion

For GP328 / GP338 Plus:

  • JMNN4023 (US/AU/NZ) / PMNN4201 (EMEA) 1050mAh Li-Ion IP54
  • JMNN4024 (US/AU/NZ) / PMNN4202 (EMEA) 1600mAh Li-Ion IP54

For DP3441, DP3441e, DP3661e:

  • PMNN4440 1700mAh Li-Ion IP67
  • PMNN4502 IMPRES 3000mAh Low Volt IP68
  • PMNN4511 IMPRES 2900mAh TIA4950 Low Volt IP68 (Not for DP3441)

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PMLN5199A, PMLN5199B


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