What’s The Best Two Way Radio In Australia?

When it comes to two way radio, there are so many options available. But only one really stands out with construction-proof ruggedability and a great price point.

Enter… Motorola DEP450

Motorola DEP450 is a simple and affordable portable digital two-way radio that is available with or without single charger. Coined as the replacement for the, now discontinued, GP328 (the world’s most popular two-way radio) for all basic radio users, the DEP450 delivers clarity and reliability coupled with the additional benefit of digital technology.

Motorola DEP450

Why Should You Buy The DEP450?

  • Maximum Possible Range
  • Built To MIL SPEC – Designed for Construction
  • Cheaper Than DP2400e Series
  • Wide Range of Accessories
  • It’s Almost Always In Stock!

It’s safe to say, the Motorola DEP450 is the best possible buy UHF licensed two way radio available in Australia right now!

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