Motorola JMNN4024CR 1300mAh GP328Plus & GP338Plus Battery

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Genuine replacement 1600mAh (average) lithium battery for the Motorola GP328 Plus & Motorola GP338 Plus compact portable two-way radios.

Note: See HNN9013 for GP238 and GP338 normal size radios.


Motorola JMNN4024CR (sometimes also called JMNN4024, JMNN4024A and JMNN4024BR) is the genuine Motorola replacement 1600mah (average) lithium battery for the GP328Plus & GP338Plus.


JMNN4024 has an average capacity of 1600mah meaning it will last between 8 and 14 hours of normal use. JMNN4024 is a lithium battery so it can be charged even when partially discharged without any risk of damage; unlike NiMH batteries which may become damaged if charged when not fully depleted.


JMNN4024 has been known under many names in the past including JMNN4024A and JMNN4024BR. The letters after JMNN4024 are called the iterators and are an attribute of manufacturing. When something changes the iterator changes. The “R” at the end means individually boxed; as opposed to bulk boxed. The current version is JMNN4024CR. meaning iteration C and R meaning boxed individually.

There are also more varients of this battery in different regions. For example in Europe this battery is called PMNN4202 (or PMNN4202AR, as explianed above). In Thailand it’s called JMNN4024CRT and in Japan it’s called JMNN4024CRJ.


When purchased in the JMNN4024 you can rest assured that it’s the same battery as all these mentioned above. Customers from Australia & New Zealand should place their order via our website. Export quotes should use the quote button.

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