Motorola PMMN4013 Speaker Microphone (With Earpiece Connector)

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$99.00 incl. GST ($90.00 excl. GST)

Motorola PMMN4013 (also known as PMMN4013A) is a remote speaker microphone with earpiece connector for all two-way radios with Motorola 2-pin accessory connector.

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$94.05 $84.65 incl. GST ($85.50 excl. GST)
Motorola PMLN4620
$24.95 $22.46 incl. GST ($22.68 excl. GST)
Motorola WADN4190
$97.70 $87.93 incl. GST ($88.82 excl. GST)
$41.58 $37.42 incl. GST ($37.80 excl. GST)


Motorola PMMN4013 (also known as PMMN4013A) is a remote speaker microphone (shoulder microphone – similar to what the police use) for the Motorola DEP450, Motorola CP476 and any two-way radio that has the 2-pin accessory connector, or a multi-pin to Motorola 2-pin converter.

Compatible Radios

The following radios have a 2-pin connector and allow the microphone to plug straight in:

These radios have a multi-pin accessory connector and will require the HLN9716 adapter for the Motorola PMMN4013 to connect to these radios:

  • Motorola GP328 (Not GP338 Plus)
  • Motorola GP338 (Not GP338 Plus)

Earpiece Connection

This remote speaker microphone has a 3.5mm auxiliary audio connector that allows an earpiece to be connected for additional privacy. The earpieces we sell for this microphone are in the following table and can also be purchased by clicking on the part number and adding to your shopping cart.

Order Code Description
RLN4941 Security Tube Earpiece
PMLN7560 Security Tube Earpiece
PMLN4620 D-Shape Earpiece
WADN4190 Swivel-Type Earpiece
RLN4885 Earbud Earpiece

Additional information

Accessory Connector

Motorola 2-Pin (M1)

Audio Output Connector

3.5mm Mono Jack


Motorola Solutions



3 reviews for Motorola PMMN4013 Speaker Microphone (With Earpiece Connector)

  1. Lisa

    These Mics were perfect. Clean, worked well and arrived quickly.

  2. Ultimate Int. (via

    Excellent product as you would expect.

    Purchased via

  3. flyball

    If you are using your radio for something more serious than an toy, you should buy a genuine Motorola product like this one. Better sound quality than the cheap one-off speaker/mics. The clip is solid and adjustable. It also works reliably under wet conditions. Note: When you first use the mic, push the connector into the radio VERY firmly. No way is this thing going to be pulled out of the socket by accident, and that’s a good thing.

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