Motorola R2 Two Way Radio

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Motorola R2 is a high-quality and cost-effective analogue and DMR digital two-way radio that replaces DEP450 (and also CP200d, DP1400, CP3188, CP3688 and XIR P3688), supplied with antenna, battery and belt clip.

We also sell: Motorola R2 Accessories

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Motorola R2 is a high-quality and cost-effective analogue and DMR digital two-way radio. Together with its predecessors, the DEP450 (CP200d, DP1400, CP3188, CP3688, XIR P3688), the R2 is by a long stretch, one of the best and most robust two-way radios ever made.


  • Analogue mode*
  • Digital mode
  • DMR standards compliant
  • 64 channels**
  • 2 programmable buttons**
  • Pre-programmed text messaging
  • Voice announcements**
  • Home channel reminder**
  • Late entry
  • Dual priority scan
  • Nuisance channel delete**
  • Secure Enhanced Linux operating system**
  • TLS-PSK CPS/RM – Radio/repeater authentication
  • Rental timer**
  • Internal Voice Operated Transmission (VOX)**
  • Wide range of accessories**
  • IP55 dust and water ingress protection**
  • Rugged to MIL-STD 80**
  • Acoustic feedback suppressor**
  • User-selectable audio profiles**
  • Trill enhancement for rolling rs**
  • SINC+ noise suppression (Requires Licence)
  • Automatic gain control**
  • Received audio leveling**
  • Basic privacy
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • Remote monitor
  • Radio disable / enable
  • Dual Capacity Direct Mode
  • Single-site conventional**
  • Extended Range Direct Mode
  • Lone worker**
  • Emergency alert**
  • Analog scrambling*
  • Quick Call II / MDC1200 capable*

Please note: Functions and features depend on programming and might not be included by default without paying for

Supports Capacity Plus

The Motorola R2 is the first entry-level two-way radio from Motorola Solutions that is capable of being used on a system with Capacity Plus. It’s restricted to 2 repeaters and does not have any other system features or

We also sell: Motorola R2 Accessories


  • Motorola R2 (Select VHF or UHF)
  • Motorola PMLN7008 2.5″ Large Belt Clip
  • Motorola PMNN4598 High Capacity Lithium Battery

Note: The single charger is not included and can be purchased when ordering.

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