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Motorola SL4010e is a compact and lightweight portable digital two-way radio developed with a focus on hospitality and security, where discreet communications is required.

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Motorola SL4010e is a compact and lightweight portable digital two-way radio developed with a focus on hospitality and security, where discreet communications is required.

Note: Motorola SL4010e is a digital-only radio is the only radio in the MOTOTRBO range that cannot be programmed in analogue mode.

Models Available

Note: SL4010e replaces all previous models including SL4000e, SL4010 and SL4000.

Model Band Notes
MDH81QCN9TA2AN UHF 403-470 MHz Both UHF and UHF2 models are available to purchase on this page.
MDH81XCN9TA2AN UHF2 450-527 MHz
MDH81VCN9TB2AN 809-870 MHz This is a separate product, click here: Motorola SL4010e (800MHz)

Package Includes

  • Motorola SL4010e Two Way Radio (Select UHF or VHF)
  • Stubby Motorola Antenna (Depends on UHF or VHF)
  • Motorola PMNN4468 Battery
  • Motorola PMLN6001 Battery Door
  • Motorola PMPN4007 Plug-in (iPhone-style) Power Supply Charger (Upgrade available)

Charging Options

When purchasing the Motorola SL4010e, you will get a PMPN4007 plug-in (iPhone-style) power supply charger. However, if you would prefer, you can purchase a PMLN6700 desk charging pod. You can use your PMPN4007 plug-in PSU to power this pod and then conveniently slot your radio right in.

Motorola SL4010e 6-Way Charger Option: Motorola also offers a 6-way charger for the SL4010e. For more info on this click here: Motorola SL4010e 6-Way Charger

See: Motorola SL4010e Accessories

Earpiece, Headset, Microphone Options

The Motorola SL4010e is able to be used with an earpiece, headset or remote speaker microphone. The Motorola SL4010e has the M11 (SL1600/SL2600/SL4000e/SL4010e) single-pin locking accessory connector meaning that audio accessories do not fall out. Radiotronics offers both genuine Motorola and aftermarket audio accessories.

See: Motorola SL4010e Accessories

Motorola SL4010e Programming

The Motorola SL4010e is supplied un-programmed as standard. It’s kind of like a computer without an operating system. It just wouldn’t work. But don’t worry… we can program the SL4010e as follows:

  • To match your ACMA licence as a new fleet: If you’ve bought an ACMA licence recently and don’t have any radios, we can program your new fleet to the frequency the ACMA has assigned you.
  • To match your existing radios: Assuming you have an ACMA licence for your existing radios, we can program, your new SL4010e to match your existing radios.
  • To UHF CB Channels: There is an optional upgrade for the SL4010e so it can be pre-programmed on UHF CB channels. This costs $50+GST. To order this, you can also add SW000472A01 (1x per radio) to your cart when ordering.
  • Completely Customized Programming: This option covers everything else. Why not call us to discuss your programming requirements.

Do you need an ACMA licence? Contact us for further information and advice on ACMA licensing.

What to program yourself? Motorola SL4010e is compatible with both MOTOTRBO 2.0 CPS or Radio Management Software. The simplest programming solution is MOTOTRBO 2.0 CPS. However, if you’re feeling more daring or you have a larger fleet, you can use the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Radio Management software which enables radios to be programmed in batches to a standardised template.

You will also need a programming cable:


Additional information


Motorola Solutions



Accessory Connector

Motorola SL Series (M11)


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