How To Refurbish Your Motorola CP476

Motorola CP476 is by far one of the best radios on market in Australia & New Zealand. And they can take a lot of wear and tear. But eventually, your radio starts to look a little tatty. Well, there’s a make it look new again.

Motorola CP476

Required Parts

The following parts are required to refurbish your Motorola CP476.

Part CodeDescriptionWhy?
PMDN4183Motorola CP476 Front HousingThis is the actual housing. This part replaces PMUE3140.
PMDN4102Motorola CP476 Volume KnobA volume knob finished the job.
PMDN4092Motorola CP476 Name BadgeThe PMDN4183 housing does not come with the name badge.

Optional Replacement Accessories

The following parts are recommended but optional. But in order to fully refurbish your Motorola CP476, you should really also buy the following items.

Part CodeDescriptionWhy?
PMDN4038Chassis & Knob OpenerThis will make your life easier.
Essential if you’re doing more than 1.
PMDN4039Crab Eye Nut OpenerSpecial order only.
PMAE4016Motorola CP476 Replacement AntennaAntenna might be tatty.
PMNN4476Motorola CP476 Replacement BatteryBattery may no longer hold charge.
HLN9844Motorola CP476 Belt ClipBelt clips snap all the time.

Optional Replacement Accessories

These spare parts are the most frequently replaced parts. Most parts in this table are special order only.

Part CodeDescriptionWhy?
PMDN4116O-Ring Seal.This deteriorates faster than any other part.
PMDN4067SpeakerWhen you get distorted audio, it’s usually the speaker. When there’s no audio, it’s the on board audio chip (not repairable).
PMDN4067Speaker FeltThe housing usually comes with this.
0980683Z01Audio / Accessory Jack SocketThis is where accessories plug in. When pins snap, they tend to get stuck in here and then requires replacing.
0915184H01Battery Contacts
PMDN4123LCD Screen
PMDN4109Flex Cable
PMDN4118Silicone Keypad
PMDN4124PTT Button Only

Motorola CP476 Disassembly & Reassembly Procedure

When disassembling and reassembling the radio, it is important to pay particular attention to the snaps and
tabs, and how parts align with each other.

1. Turn OFF the radio.

Switch off the radio by turning the volume knob all the way down until you hear a click.

2. Remove the battery & antenna.

Remove the battery. With the back of the radio facing you turn the radio upside down. You will see a battery latch. Slide it to the unlock position and then slide the battery down.

Remove the antenna by simple unscrewing it.

3. Remove volume kob.

4. Separate The Chassis & Front Housing.

Insert the Chassis and Knob Opener in between the thin retaining wall and the chassis at the bottom of the radio. Do not mar the O-ring sealing area on the housing.

Slowly pry the bottom of the chassis from the housing by pushing the Chassis and Knob Opener downwards, and prying the handle of the tool over and behind the base of the radio. This forces the thin inner plastic wall toward the base of the radio thus releasing the two chassis base tabs.

Slide the rear chassis downwards, and away from the front housing. Be careful not to damage the Flexible Cable (38) and speaker wire underneath.

Remove the speaker wire connector connecting the main circuit board and the internal speaker on the front housing with the tweezers.

Lay the front housing down. Rotate the chassis sideways from the Front Housing Assembly and lay it down. Push the latches on the Front Circuit Board sideways to the right to release the flexible cable from the connector.

5. Reassembly

Please follow the previous steps in reverse.

Slide the On/Off Volume Knob Shaft into the respective holes in the front cover.

Insert top chassis tabs into the recesses on the front cover and apply some force until the tabs are fully inserted.

Be sure the O-ring (23) is properly seated so that the radio is properly sealed.

Snap the bottom of the chassis into the front housing.

Re-attach antenna and battery.

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