Motorola Solutions Surveillance Earpieces

Motorola Solutions’ surveillance earpieces are a 3-wire technology with a separate Push-ToTalk (PTT), microphone and earpiece. All 3 are separate, meaning the push to talk can be located in a concealled area, within clothing, so the

Programmable Button: What makes these earpieces unique is that they include a programmable button.

Motorola Surveillance Earpiece

Part codes: PMLN5097, PMLN5106, PMLN5111, PMLN5112


These Surveillance Earpieces with PTT and a separate Microphone have concealable features. They have three cords, one for the earpiece, one for the microphone and one for the programmable button/PTT switch combination. These three cords are long enough to place underneath a shirt, jacket, or other clothing. The PTT switch is small enough to fit in one’s palm, and is easily concealed by closing the hand. The microphone has a clip to secure to the collar of a shirt, jacket, etc.


When the surveillance unit is connected to the radio side connector, the radio’s speaker is muted, and the audio is only heard from the earpiece speaker.


While using either of these surveillance accessories, transmit by pressing the small PTT switch, and speaking into the surveillance microphone in the normal manner.

Additional Features

These surveillance earpieces with PTT and a separate microphone have a programmable button.

Using the Programmable Button

The Accy (Accessory) No Dot button is programmable through the radio’s Customer Programming Software (CPS). Your radio’s user guide contains a full description of the programmable functions that are available through this button.

Order CodeStyleSizeColour
PMLN5097Surveillance Kit3-WireBlack
PMLN6127Surveillance Kit2-WireBlack
PMLN5106Surveillance Kit3-WireBeige
PMLN6128Surveillance Kit2-WireBeige
Acoustic Tube3-WireBlack
Acoustic Tube3-WireBeige
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