Introducing The First Type Approved Dual-Mode ANZ UHF CB & Digital DMR Two Way Radio

Entel, a British manufacturer based in the United Kingdom, along with Ace Communications Distributors based in Queensland Australia, has launched the the industry’s first type-approved dual-mode analogue UHF CB and DMR digital UHF two-way radio.

Entel DX485U-CB

Hybrid analogue UHF CB and digital DMR two-way radio!

The Entel DX485U-CB is the very first type-approved combined analogue UHF CB and DMR two-way radio in a ready-to-use portable radio. That means you can use this radio either on any of the available 80 UHF CB channels in analogue mode or program in your own analogue or DMR digital frequencies into the additional available 163 channels making it ideal for businesses who have an ACMA licence or even HAM radio users.

Entel DX485U-CB

Entel also breaks the mould by allowing dealers to provide FREE End-user PC programming software (EPC1) that allows the DX485U-CB to be customised by the end-user with a simple and cheap micro-USB cable. No longer does programming your radio require an expensive proramming cable and impossible to find programming software.

Important Note: Radiotronics will offer the dealer programming software (which is different to the end-user programming EUP software) to any reseller, end-user who is an ACMA licence holder or any licensed radio HAM. Simply email us after placing your order an we’ll reply with a link to download the dealer programming software at no extra cost.

Entel DX485U-CB is part of a wider range of Entel DX series two-way radios. The range in Australia starts with UHF CB & DMR hybrid model; and Entel DX485U-CB is the only model currently available in Australia. But Entel has made it clear that if demand increases, they may launch the whole DX range into the ANZ market space. These include VHF and UHF models as well as no kepyad (NKP) and limited ketypad (LKP) models (just like the DX485U-CB).

Entel DX485U-CB Features

Entel DX485U-CB
  • 80 Analogue UHF CB Channels
  • 163 Programmable Digital DMR UHF Channels
  • FREE Programming Software
  • Programmable Buttons
  • 3 watts loudest & best clarity audio – in class
  • IP68 Submersible (2m, 4 hours)
  • MIL-STD Construction 810C/D/E/F/G
  • 2 DMR Slot Simplex (Direct Mode, DMR Only)
  • Lone-Worker & Man-Down
  • Personal Attack Button (Top)
  • Voice annunciation (DMR Only)
  • All call (DMR Only)
  • Transmit Interrupt (DMR Only)
  • Group calling (DMR Only)
  • Individual calling (DMR Only)

Did you know?

Some current UHF CB models available in the Australa market space already feature programmable channels, for example the Motorola CP476 that offers 5 additional programmable channels. However, none of the type-approved UHF CB radios have ever before offered type-approved analogue UHF CB and Digtial DMR side by side in one radio.

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