Motorola Analogue Two Way Radio Antenna Guide

Almost all analogue Motorola two way radios use the same antenna connectors. But it can be a tricky task working out which antenna you need. To make things easier, we’ve put together this guide to Motorola analogue two way radio antennas.

Compatible Radios

  • GP3188, GP3688, EP450
  • DEP450
  • CP476
  • GP328 Plus, GP338 Plus
  • GP328, GP338
Part CodeBandRangeShapeLengthNotes
Long Antennas
HAD9338VHF136-162 MHzHelical15.5cm (6.1″)
NAD6502146-174 MHz15.5cm (6.1″)
PMAD4014136-155 MHzConal14cm (5.5″)
PMAD4023150-161 MHz14cm (5.5″)
PMAD4015155-174 MHz14cm (5.5″)
NAE6483UHF403-520 MHzHelical17cm (6.5″)Replaced by PMAE4016
PMAE4016403-520 MHz17cm (6.5″)
Short Antennas
HAD9742VHF146-162 MHzHelical9cm (3.5″)
HAD9743162-174 MHz9cm (3.5″)
PMAD4012136-155 MHzConal9cm (3.5″)
PMAD4025150-161 MHz9cm (3.5″)
PMAD4013155-174 MHz9cm (3.5″)
NAE6522UHF438-470 MHzHelical8cm (3.1″)Replaced by PMAE4003
PMAE4002403-433 MHzConal9cm (3.5″)
PMAE4003430-470 MHz9cm (3.5″)
PMAE4006465-495 MHz9cm (3.5″)
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