Motorola Solutions Two Way Radio Heavy Duty Noise Cancelling Headset Guide

Motorola Solutions has release a new series of heavy duty noise attenuating headsets that offer a military-type ear seal and a comfortable behind the head headband and boom microphone.

This heavy duty headset provides excellent noise attenuation of up to 24dB and the ear cups, where the PTT is located, provide a protective seal to shield the user’s ears from harmful noise. Incoming radio transmissions can be heard in both ears and talk-back can be done via the heavy duty flexible boom microphone, which is more robust and delivers better performance than lightweight headsets.

As well as noise cancelling attenuation on the headset cups, these headsets also have a noise cancelling boom microphone that is user replaceable boom microphone. The microphone can attach to either left or right ear cup. The PTT button is on the side of one of the ear cups.

TypeStandardIntrinsically SafeRadio Models
Behind The HeadPMLN6854DP1400
Behind The HeadPMLN6760PMLN6763DP2400e & DP2600e
DP3441e & DP3661e
Behind The HeadPMLN6852PMLN6853DP4400e & DP4401e
DP4800e & DP4801e
Over The HeadPMLN7464PMLN7465DP4400e & DP4401e
DP4800e & DP4801e
APX Series
Over The Head
(Inline PTT)
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