Motorola DP4800e UHF or VHF Digital Two Way Radio


Motorola DP4800e is a comprehensive portable digital two-way radio and is considered the industry standard by most enterprise-level businesses and two-way radio users. Available in VHF or UHF. Supplied with battery, belt & antenna. Charger is optional when ordering.

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We also sell: Motorola DP4800e Accessories


Motorola DP4800e is a comprehensive portable digital two-way radio and is considered the industry standard by most enterprise-level businesses and two-way radio users.

Available in two versions, VHF and UHF.

We also sell Motorola DP4800e Accessories

Package Includes


  • VHF (136-174MHz); UHF (403-527MHz)
  • 32 Channels, 2 Zones
  • Large, textured push-to-talk button for ease of use
  • 3 Programmable Side Buttons
  • Tri-colour LED for clear visual feedback on radio operating status
  • Analogue & Digital Compatible
  • Programmable Emergency Button
  • Quick, easy-to-use Group, Individual and All-call capability
  • Digital Phone Patch capability
  • Sophisticated Emergency Calls
  • PTT ID helps improve communications efficiency and system discipline
  • Remote Monitor
  • Elegant Channel Scanning
  • Basic & Enhanced Privacy (Per Channel)
  • AES256 Encryption (Via Motorola HKVN4241 Licence Key)
  • VOX Capability
  • Transmit Interrupt
  • SINC+ Noice Cancellation
  • Mute Mode – Button Only (Via Motorola HKVN4498 Licence Key)
  • Receive Audio Leveling
  • Text To Speech
  • Lone Worker
  • 5 Tone Signaling
  • Option Board Capability
  • Intelligent Audio: Allowing the radio volume to automatically adjust to compensate for background noise
  • IP68
  • TIA4950 HazLoc Certification Options
  • Direct Mode (including Dual Capacity Direct Mode)
  • IP Site Connect (Single & Multi-Site)
  • Capacity Plus (Single & Multi-Site)
  • Capacity Max (Via Motorola HKVN4330 Licence Key)
  • Connect Plus (Via Hardware Purchase & Motorola HKVN4069 Licence Key)
  • Memory (128MB RAM & 256MB Flash memory)
  • Support for Vibrating Belt Clip & Vibrating Battery

Charging Options

When purchasing the Motorola DP4800e, you can chose to buy the radio with a single charger. However, if you are planning on buying a Motorola 6-way charger, you can chose to buy the DP4800e without a single charger.

It’s important to note that if you do need a single charger, it’s much cheaper to buy a single charger or 6-way charger with the Motorola DP4800e. It’s almost always more expensive to buy a single or multi-unit charger at a later date.

See: Motorola DP4800e Accessories

Earpiece, Headset, Microphone Options

The Motorola DP4800e is able to be used with an earpiece, headset or remote speaker microphone. The DP4800e has the DP4000 multi-pin accessory connector meaning that all audio accessories are very cost-effective. Radiotronics offers both genuine Motorola and aftermarket audio accessories.

See: Motorola DP4800e Accessories


The Motorola DP4800e is supplied un-programmed as standard. It’s kind of like a computer without an operating system. It just wouldn’t work. But don’t worry… we can program the DP4800e as follows:

  • To match your ACMA licence as a new fleet: If you’ve bought an ACMA licence recently and don’t have any radios, we can program your new fleet to the frequency the ACMA has assigned you.
  • To match your existing radios: Assuming you have an ACMA licence for your existing radios, we can program your new DP4800e to match your existing radios.
  • To UHF CB Channels: There is an optional upgrade for the DP4800e so it can be pre-programmed on UHF CB channels. This costs $50+GST. To order this, you can also add SW000472A01 (1x per radio) to your cart when ordering.
  • Completely Customized Programming: This option covers everything else. Why not call us to discuss your programming requirements.

Do you need an ACMA licence? Contact us for further information and advice on ACMA licensing.

Do you want to program yourself? Motorola DP4800e is compatible with both MOTOTRBO 2.0 CPS or MOTOTRBO Radio Management Software. The simplest programming solution is MOTOTRBO 2.0 CPS. However, if you’re feeling more daring or you have a larger fleet, you can use the Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Radio Management Software which enables radios to be programmed in batches to a standardised template.

You will also need a programming cable:


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