Motorola PMKN4117(PMKN4117B) Programming & Service Cable

$80.48 incl. GST ($73.16 excl. GST)

Motorola PMKN4117 (PMKN4117B) is a USB programming & DB25 service cable for use with the RLN4460 test box. This cable is compatible with DP2400e, DP2600e, DP3661e and DP3441e radios.

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$124.26 incl. GST ($564.81 excl. GST)
$219.95 incl. GST ($199.95 excl. GST)


Motorola PMKN4117 (PMKN4117B) is a programming & service cable slim to db25 & usb plug (for RLN4460) compatible with DP2400e, DP2600e, DP3661e, DP3441e.

This cable is used for both programming and testing two-way radios with the M12 DP2/DP3xx1/e series two way radios. The cable is used with RLN4460 test box available to buy from Radiotronics.

Also known as: PMKN4117, PMKN4117A, PMKN4117B

Compatible Radios

  • DP2400 & DP2400e
  • DP2600 & DP2600e
  • DP3441 & DP3441e
  • DP3661e

Additional information


Motorola Solutions



Accessory Connector

Motorola Multipin DP2000 (M12)


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