Motorola DP3441e UHF or VHF Digital Two Way Radio

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Motorola DP3441e is a compact portable digital two-way radio supplied with antenna, battery and belt holster.

We also sell Motorola DP3441e accessories

Buy the accessories with the DP3441e and save!
$899.99 incl. GST ($818.17 excl. GST)
$45.32 incl. GST ($123.60 excl. GST)
$63.58 incl. GST ($68.00 excl. GST)
Terms: QTY of accessories purchased with radio cannot exceed QTY of radios.


Motorola DP3441e is a comprehensive portable digital two-way radio.

We also sell Motorola DP3441e accessories

Package Includes

  • Motorola DP3441e Two Way Radio (Select UHF or VHF)
  • Motorola PMNN4440 Battery (Upgrade available – email us)
  • Stubby Motorola Antenna
  • Motorola PMLN7559 Belt Holster
  • Charger Is Optional When Ordering

Motorola DP3441e Charging Options

When purchasing the Motorola DP3441e, you can chose to buy the radio with a single charger. However, if you are planning on buying a Motorola PMPN4301 6-way charger, you can chose to buy the DP3441e without a single charger.

It’s important to note that if you do need a single charger, it’s much cheaper to buy a single charger with the Motorola DP3441e as it’s more expensive to buy a Motorola DP3441e single charger at a later date.

Motorola DP3441e Earpiece, Headset, Microphone Options

The Motorola DP3441e is able to be used with an earpiece, headset or remote speaker microphone. The DP3441e has the M12 (DP2000) multi-pin accessory connector meaning that all audio accessories are very cost-effective. Radiotronics offers both genuine Motorola and aftermarket audio accessories.

See: Motorola DP3441e accessories

Motorola DP3441e Programming

The Motorola DP3441e is supplied un-programmed as standard. It’s kind of like a computer without an operating system. It just wouldn’t work. But don’t worry… we can program the DP3441e as follows:

  • To match your ACMA licence as a new fleet: If you’ve bought an ACMA licence recently and don’t have any radios, we can program your new fleet to the frequency the ACMA has assigned you.
  • To match your existing radios: Assuming you have an ACMA licence for your existing radios, we can program your new DP3441e to match your existing radios.
  • Completely Customized Programming: This option covers everything else. Why not call us to discuss your programming requirements.

UHF CB Not Available On This Radio: The Motorola DP3441e cannot be programmed to UHF CB channels as it’s not type approved. If you would like a UHF-CB compatible DP3xx1-series radio, see Motorola DP3661e (you must order the UHF model of this radio and the UHF-CB licence-key).

Do you need an ACMA licence? Contact us for further information and advice on ACMA licensing.


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2 reviews for Motorola DP3441e UHF or VHF Digital Two Way Radio

  1. Facilities

    We bought seven of these along with a DP3661e for our shopping centre radio system. Outstanding as you would expect from Motorola.

    Note: Radiotronics has added helpful links into this comment.

  2. Anonymous

    We asked Radiotronics for advice on upgrading our aging fleet of Motorola GP328-Plus radios. Due to budget considerations, we needed to do it slowly. Radiotronics suggested this radio as it fits our existing GP328-Plus 6-way chargers.

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