Motorola GP328 & GP338 Are Discontinued & The Motorola DP4000 Series Is The Replacement

Motorola has announced that the very popular Motorola GP328 and Motorola GP338 two way radios are to be discontinued with the replacement being the Motorola DP4000 series.

Motorola Solutions says:

As the migration to MOTOTRBO accelerates, Motorola will be cancelling the following list of models. There will be a transition period after the Last Order Date, during which we will continue to sell cancelled models until stock depletion. This cancellation notice does not affect accessories which we will continue to supply until further notice.

Motorola Solutions, 2014

The replacement models are:

  • Motoorla GP328 -> DP4400E
  • Motorola GP338 = DP4800E

Motorola GP328 and Motorola GP338 have been seen as an industry standard by radio users for many years. However, Motorola Solutions are accelerating their migration to the MOTOTRBO range of radios. Motorola is marketing the Motorola DP4000 series as the official replacement for the GP340.

Radiotronics Group has started a Facebook group to hopefully support owners of the now discontinued Motorola GP328 & GP338 series radios. Please join here:

GP340 / DP4400 Replacement Reference Table

GP3x8 ModelReplacementNotes

Motorola Solutions has said that the last order date for the Motorola GP328 Series is 16th February 2015. However, all orders must be received and confirmed before this date.

Motorola Solutions has been keen to make sure that clients are aware that parts will remain available for at least 5 years following the product cancellation

Community Support Available: We have started a Facebook group to hopefully support owners of the now discontinued Motorola GP328 series radios:

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