Vertex Standard VX-231 & VX-234 Replacement Batteries & Charger or Alternative Replacement Radio

Vertex Standard VX-231 Accessories

Vertex Standard VX-231 was Vertex Standard’s most entry-level two way radio. And due to it’s price point, it sold in the millions. However, every two way radio has it’s shelf life and the VX-231 has now come to an end.

But all is not lost… Read on for more information about the Vertex Standard VX-231

Need A New Radio?

If it’s a new radio you need then the logical replacement is the Motorola EVX-261. It’s practically the same radio with the same accessory connector, but the batteries and charger are different so you won’t be able to share your batteries.

Need A New Battery?

All of the batteries that were originally available with your radios have now also been cancelled; as have the original chargers.

Motorola (who owns Vertex Standard) has released a new charging system consisting of a single charger, a 6-position multi-charger, and a selection of batteries. This system is actually designed for the new series radios. But Motorola has also released some batteries for their historic or legacy range of radios, including the radio you have.

Therefore, you can still buy a new battery for the radio you have, but you will also need to buy a new charger. This new charger will charge the new batteries, but not the old battery. So your old batteries are now obsolete.

Need A New Charger?

As explained above, all of the batteries and chargers that were originally available with your VX-231 radios have been cancelled. If you need a new charger, you will also have to buy new batteries.

Battery & Charger Matrix

This table is best viewed on a laptop or desktop PC.

There are two new chargers available:

* The items with a star are not currently on our website and are special order only.

Old BatteryOld ChargerNew Battery New Charger
FNB-V106CD-47PA-43C (EU) PA-43U (UK) No Replacement (Use Models Below)
FNB-V103LIACD-34PA-42C (EU) PA-42U (UK)FNB-V131LI-UNICD-58PA-55C (EU) PA-55U (UK)
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