Motorola XiR P8600 & XiR P8608 In Australia

We get almost daily emails asking us where where XiR P8600 (display) and iR P8608 (non-display) two-way radios can be purchased in Australia. The answer is — here, on this website.

In Australia, the radios have a different name. That’s all. Below is a conversion chart with a link to the equivalent product on this website.

ASPAC <> AUS/NZ Equivalence Chart

ASPAC ModelAUS/NZ ModelKeypadBluetoothWifiGNSS
XiR P3688DEP 450NoNoN
XiR P8600iDP4400eNoneNoNoNo
XiR P8608iDP4401eNoneYesOptionalYes
XiR P8620iDP4600eLimitedNoNoNo
XiR P8628iDP4601eLimitedYesOptionalYes
XiR P8660iDP4800eFullNoNoNo
XiR P8668iDP4801eFullYesOptionalYes
XiR E8600iDP3441eNoneYesOptionalYes
XiR E8608iDP3661eLimitedYesOptionalYes
XiR P8600 ExDP4801 ExFullYesOptionalYes

Note on “Optional”: Motorola Solutions have dfeature activation keys known as “EID” keys that activate certain fetaures. Whilst WiFi is required for OTAP, the WiFI activation is a paid upgrade.

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